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Meru Tanzania

Tour Starts & Ends

Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO)

No. Persons Limit

Minimum 2 passengers to operate. Maximum 7 passengers in each group.

Departure Dates

On request (the tour starts at any time if the participants are ready)

Cost of Addtional Services

Extra cost such as tips, oxygen tanks, foods in hotels  $ $ $


Mount Meru by its own right is a stunning mountain to climb.

Standing at 4,566m high, Mount Meru is Tanzania’s second highest mountain.

Although standing over a 1000 meters shorter than Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru is an incredible free standing volcano that offers views and wildlife sightings.

Additinal Information

  1. Discounted Group Rates: Available on Request
  2. Departure dates: on request (the tour starts at any time if the participants are ready)
  3. PLEASE NOTE: The tour can be upgraded to a higher standard accommodation at an extra cost. It can also be cheaper if less expensive (but still good quality) accommodation is used. The final cost of the tour depends on your budget and preference.
  4. Please note:The climb / Safari / zanzibar beach can also be booked on private / individual basis departing daily


Mount Meru Cost

  • The price for a 3 day Meru climb is USD 810 Per Person and the price for a 4 day Meru climb is USD 1050 per person. You can climb Mount Meru all year round and you can pick and choose your own travel dates but we recommend you avoid the rainy season. 
  • The best time to climb Mount Meru is January to early March and June to October.and your support crew including rangers, guides, porters, and a chef.
  • Guide: You do need a ranger for the trek as it is required for protection from wildlife like buffalo and leopards. A guide is also the norm on this trek due to hiking the summit route in the dark. There are no signs on the trail and the guides are invaluable. Porters and a chef are also part of most tour packages.


  1. Prices are per adult when sharing accommodations with another adult.
  2. * The final price for your package will vary depending on how many people are in your travel group and also the specific dates of your trip. 
  3. *We make a big effort to offer the best possible prices, which depend upon many factors like the constantly changing prices of gas and park fees, etc. 
  4. Single Supplement Applies To Any Client In A Single Room Or Tent: 



Mount Meru FAQ

Where is Mt Meru?

Mt Meru is situated in Northern Tanzania, roughly 70km southwest of Mount Kilimanjaro and east of the Great Rift Valley. 

Is Mount Meru a volcano?

Mt Meru is an active, but dormant stratovolcano. The same type of volcano as Mount Kilimanjaro.

Exploding into life over 500,000 years ago, Meru’s horseshoe rim is very distinctive as the entire eastern flank was blown apart by the explosion. 

Mount Meru  last erupted in 1910

How high is Mount Meru?

Mount Meru is 4,566 meters high.

Mt Meru is the fifth highest mountain in Africa (depending on your definition). Its rim lined crater extends down 1,500 meters to the crater floor making it one of the tallest cliffs in Africa.

When was Mt Meru first climbed?

Although the first accent of Mt Meru is still disputed, it is widely accredited to either Fritz Jaeger in 1904 or Carl Uhlig in 1901.

Why Climb Mount Meru?

Even with its incredible views, scenery and wildlife, Mount Meru is often overlooked due to its close location to the far more popular peak, Mount Kilimanjaro.

But there are three main reasons why we think climbing Mount Meru is a great idea.

Walk with wildlife : When do you get the opportunity to do a walking safari whilst hiking a major African peak?

Lying within Arusha National Park, the lower reaches of Mount Meru are amazingly rich in wildlife. You are almost certain to see monkeys, warthogs, buffaloes and a wide array of birds and, if you’re lucky, elephants and giraffes!

Because of the abundance of wildlife on and around Meru, it is compulsory to be accompanied by an armed ranger on your trek at all times.

Excellent acclimatisation for Mount Kilimanjaro

Mt Meru offers a great way to prepare for Kilimanjaro as it gives you a little taster as to what to expect on the bigger mountain.

Most importantly though is that Mt Meru can help you acclimatise for Mount Kilimanjaro. In fact, people who attempt speed ascents on Kilimanjaro, almost always acclimatise on Mount Meru.

Do not underestimate Mount Meru though. It is certainly high enough to bring on altitude sickness.

At a height of 4,566m, Meru is a tall mountain in its own right and forces your body to make changes to adapt to the altitude. Please click here for a full guide on how to deal with acclimatisation.

Similar to Kilimanjaro, you trek the summit at night, reaching the peak just before sunrise. You then descend an amazing 2000m on the same day! All these similarities allows your body (and your mind) to prepare for Kilimanjaro.

No Crowds on Mt Meru

Another bonus of climbing Mount Meru is the lack of crowds that can sometimes plague Mount Kilimanjaro. As its little known brother, Mt Meru is a fantastic way to avoid this and get stuck into a peaceful trek.

When should I climb Mount Meru?

Generally we recommend hiking between June and February. March, April and May are best avoided as these are rainy months in Tanzania.

What are the Mount Meru Hiking Routes?

Unlike Mount Kilimanjaro, there is only one official route to the summit of Meru – the ‘Momella route’

Although there is a 3 day (8.7 mile) option, we discuss the longer and more common 4 day (11.8 mile) Mount Meru hike below.


Africa safari is much more fun if you are going with a friend or family! And we would like to make it easier for you! If you are travelling with a friend or family – we would like to offer you a 5% discount to each of you from the price of the program. Are you with 10 people? Then 10% discount. Are you with 12 or more – then 15% discount to each of you! The conditions of receiving the discount are the following – you should let us know with whom are you travelling and we will calculate a discount for you. Discount will be deducted from the second half of the payment that you are supposed to do upon arrival.

With us you can book the ascent of Mount Meru starting at 810 USD per person. For an individual offer simply send us your request.


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