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Kilimanjaro Price

Climbing Kilimanjaro is the experience of a lifetime that tops bucket lists of people from all over the world. So here you are: You are thinking of climbing mount kilimanjaro Price and you wondering about the price tag of it all. Let’s break the ice and start off with the following: You can realize your dreams for about 5000 USD. Happy? Okay, let’s move on. 5000 USD equals 4400 EUR or about 4000 GBP. If you don’t think that is a lot of money, then you either make too much money or you know that climbing  Mount Kilimanjaro  cost could be even a lot more expensive. Correct. If everyone would be paid a Western salary and there wouldn’t be as much competition, then Kilimanjaro is definitely the most affordable one

How Much Does Cost To Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Price?

The total climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Price is usually significantly more than the travel package numbers that you see on travel/adventure tour websites.

The first thing you will notice when researching operators is the huge variance in Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro Cost .

Why is this? The tour operator has numerous expenses involved in taking a client up the mountain:

  • Park fees per climber
  • Equipment
  • Safety equipment
  • Guide’s salaries & equipment
  • Porter’s salaries & equipment
  • Food and drink
  • Length of the climb
8 Day Lemosho Route

Kilimajaro Price

The effort of climbing mount kilimanjaro cost is higher than for most other types of travel. The preparation takes time. The ascent is physically and psychologically challenging. And the cost of an ascent exceeds that of most other vacation. In particular, most people are unaware of the actual financial effort and the individual climbing kilimanjaro costs of such a trip. In fact, however, general statements can only be made about part of the costs. Another part depends heavily on individual needs and the traveler’s prior experience.

climb mt kilimanjaro cost in detail

Most tourists organize their ascent before departure. You can also spontaneously book on the spot, however, which is not recommended due to the oftentimes lacking preparation and availability. The hike must be accompanied by a TANAPA (Tanzania National Parks Authority) Guide. An ascent on your own is not possible. A typical ascent takes five to seven days and an all-inclusive package usually cost to hike kilimanjaro between 1,700 and 3,000 USD. The wide range results from the different durations and types of tours as well as the respective services provided by and characteristics of the organizer. In rare cases, you can find organizers who also offer an ascent for less money. Due to the oftentimes bad conditions and low payment of the accompanying team, however, this is not recommended.

In the following you will find an overview of the individual climbing kilimanjaro costs items and the  approximate costs per person.

Vaccinations and medications

Tanzania is a malaria area as well. The risk of contracting malaria is relatively low on the mountain as mosquitoes are not found at high altitude (over 1,800 meters). You will be spending most of your trip above this altitude but will be at risk before and after your hike.

Taking malaria tablets is really up to you. There is a Mount Kilimanjaro hike cost associated with the medication that can be quite high. Either way, we recommend taking all common-sense precautions to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes – i.e. wear Deet repellent, wear light clothes that cover your arms and legs, stay indoors before dawn and after dusk.

If you plan to go on safari after your trek then we recommend taking malaria tablets.

Some trekkers may also need a Yellow Fever vaccination card when entering Tanzania (you only need this if you’re travelling from a country that has high Yellow Fever transmission rates– citizens of UK, US, Europe, Canada, Australia and many others don’t need a YF vaccination). Costs for Yellow Fever vaccinations vary but can be as much as $100.

In addition to Yellow Fever, you may want to get a HEP-A vaccination and a Polio Tetanus-Diphtheria booster.

8 Day Lemosho Route

Flight/Transport: ca. 900 USD (range ca. 600 USD to 1,300 USD)

Travel to/from the airport and return flight to Tanzania (Economy-Class)

The cost of hiking kilimanjaro of getting to Kilimanjaro

Depending on where you are flying from you might have a journey that involves two connections. Most climbers from America, Canada, UK and Europe fly to Amsterdam first and then catch a connecting flight on KLM direct to Kilimanjaro.

For those flying from within Africa or from Australia, it is easier to fly to Nairobi or Addis Ababa and then catch a connecting flight (typically Precision Air – not sure how Precise they are, Ha!) to Kilimanjaro International Airport.

Those coming from Asia or the Middle East may want to look at Turkish Airlines that fly direct to Kilimanjaro with KLM from Istanbul.

The total climb kilimanjaro cost of the trip is thus approximately 4,350 USD on average per person (range ca. 2,800 USD to 6,900 USD).

Note:  Kilimanjaro National Park Fees alone account for 50-70% of the trek cost.

The cost of a tour varies depending on what type of operator you choose, whether you join an open group or go privately, which route you take and the number of days on the mountain..

Accommodation in Moshi or Arusha

For a hotel in Moshi or Arusha, you can expect to pay between 40 USD and 60 USD for a double room. For a little bit less than that you can enjoy a single room. This is based on a standard 3-star hotel that covers all the basics and comes with lockers, aircon, mosquito nets and security. Because the entire area sees a lot of tourists, you can expect a decent level of comfort. Of course, there are more affordable and more expensive options available. Both Moshi and Arusha have a few backpackers options as well as high-end luxury hotels. 

The  Mount kilimanjaro cost shown are based on the actual climb Kilimanjaro price, all-inclusive. The costs for safaris, beach vacation, travel insurance and other costs as well as personal expenses for souvenirs need to be added depending on the individual travel program.

Too many stories abound of operators who take money, then suddenly at the last minute, there are a lot of “extras” to pay.

Disreputable operators have been known to charge clients for an 8-day trip only for them to find out it’s 7 days, and the extra money somehow disappears.

Choosing an operator is not as simple as who is the “best”. It is who is the best for you.

Everyone has different standards and expectations. However, keep in mind that getting to the summit is the goal, but getting down alive is non-negotiable.

Look for an agent whose ethos matches your own. Whom you feel comfortable with.

climbing kilimanjaro cost is not cheap. Expecting luxury on a budget-price is not going to happen. Do your research and ask lots of questions!