The Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route

The Lemosho route is one of the best Kilimanjaro routes – perhaps even the best. We explain why we favour this route and recommend it to clients of all abilities and experience.

The Lemosho route is one of the newest Kilimanjaro routes. It was introduced as an alternative to the Shira route, which starts at a higher and therefore more challenging altitude.

The Lemosho offers gorgeous scenery. We love the rather untouched, wild start to the trail. We also love how the scenery changes from day to day.

The Lemosho can be completed in seven or eight days. The eight-day Lemosho route has one of the best summit success rates of all the trails on Kilimanjaro, and is yet another reason why we recommend this route highly!

Quick facts about the Lemosho route

Our  Opinion of the Lemosho Route

At KIAfrika Adventure we love the Lemosho route. It’s our personal favourite because you get to experience a bit of everything. We really enjoy the first couple of days in the forest, and also the opportunities to take beautiful photographs of the amazing views and scenery along the way. In fact, the Lemosho route stops over at locations that offer some of the best sunrises and sunsets on Kilimanjaro.

All of this beauty goes hand in hand with the fact that the chances of summiting Kilimanjaro are high among trekkers using the Lemosho route – always a plus!

The Lemosho route therefore ticks all of the boxes when it comes to choosing a Kilimanjaro climb. If you’re especially concerned about acclimatising, you can also opt for an eight-day Lemosho route over the seven-day option, as this gives you

Lemosho route overview

The Lemosho route can be done in seven or eight days. The extra day on the eight-day route allows for an extra day of acclimatisation, which is always a good thing.

It is also possible for this route in six days to do, then you climb on day four of Barranco Camp to Barafu Camp Site, this trip takes approximately seven hours. 

Most of our customers climb this route in eight days.

  • The Lemosho is a beautiful route that departs from the West side of Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Due to its route profile the Lemosho can be completed on a seven or eight day itinerary and offers lots of opportunities to properly acclimatize. Because of it’s versatile route profile it is a highly recommended Kilimanjaro route that has relatively high summit success rates
  • It is also recommended as the starting point is relatively remote and hence provides trekkers with a rather untouched and wild start to their Kilimanjaro adventure. Spotting large wildlife, like antelope, buffalo and even elephant is unusual but not impossible
  • The route also provides unparalleled and spectacular views of the dramatic gorges that characterize the western side of Mount Kilimanjaro
  • The Lemosho offers trekkers the experience of hiking across the Shira Plateau – one of the largest high altitude plateaus in the world
  • Trekkers on the Lemosho typically converge with Machame route on day 3 at Barranco camp and use the Barafu camp route to the summit; however, it is now quite common for Lemosho trekkers to veer north before Lava Tower to join the Northern Circuit which circles the north side of Mount Kilimanjaro and follows an assault passage via Gilman’s Point. The Lemosho route can also be used by trekkers planning to climb the Western Breach to the summit
  • Like the Machame Route, the Lemosho route is fully catered camping only

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Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route 7/8 Days

What is the scenery like?

The Lemosho route is known for being one of the most beautiful Kilimanjaro routes. You walk through lush rainforest on the first couple of days. Spotting large wildlife, like antelopes, is not very common but possible! The route also gives you the experience of hiking across the Shira Plateau, which is one of the largest high-altitude plateaus in the world. The plateau affords you fantastic views of the dramatic rock buttress known as Shira Cathedral.

How hard is the Lemosho route?

No Kilimanjaro climb is easy, but the Lemosho route is generally considered one of the 'easier' climbs because of it's great acclimatisation profile. It has great 'climb high, sleep low' opportunities. Put simply, with the right Kilimanjaro preparation anyone can climb this route. You should be physically fit, and with the right support in the form of your mountain crew, you can achieve the summit whether you have previous hiking experience or are a first-time trekker.

What is the route's success rate?

The Lemosho route has one of the best summit success rates of all the routes up Kilimanjaro. This is because the path more than once takes you high before dropping you back down to sleep low. Proper acclimatisation is the name of the game on this route! Whilst there are no official statistics, the average success rate across all Kilimanjaro operators is 90% for the eight-day Lemosho trek and 85% for the seven-day Lemosho trek. KIAfrika Adventure has a success rate of over 95% for both the seven- and eight-day Lemosho routes!

How many days is the Lemosho?

The Lemosho route can be completed in seven or eight days. The extra day gives you more time to acclimatise.

How busy is the route?

The Lemosho route is generally quite busy, as many folks do, naturally, want to climb the most scenic route up the mountain! The first couple of days through the beautiful rainforest section is relatively quiet. It's when you join the Machame route near the Lava Tower that the crowds can get a little bigger in peak season.

What is accommodation like?

The Lemosho route only offers camping accommodation. As part of the KIAfrika Adventure climbing package, all of your camping equipment is included: tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat and pillow. And during the trek all tents are pitched and then taken down by our mountain crew.

What does the route cost?

KIAfrika Adventure offers the Lemosho route as an eight-day group or private climb. This costs $2.000 per person (based on double occupancy). The fee includes eight days on the mountain and one day either side at a beautiful lodge in Moshi.