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Food Menu For Mount Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro Food Menu
Another place where budget operators can make savings is by skimping on their food purchases. You should expect to get three hot meals a day on most days, depending on your itinerary.
There is no reason to subsist on sandwiches, freeze-dried backpacking food and the odd boiled egg.
Is your water filtered and purified every day for your tea, coffee, hot chocolate and refilling your hydration bladder? A nasty case of gastric trouble can cut a climb short.
Climbing Kilimanjaro is not cheap, and you should have an idea of your budget – if it’s too small to hire a reputable operator, perhaps try a different adventure this time


Kilimanjaro food menu

We understand the importance of healthy, nutritious and tasty meals while on the trek. Here is a sample of the food you can expect while on the trail
Food on kilimanjaro climb

Kilimanjaro Food Menu For Mount Kilimanjaro Morning Call

* Tea – Drinking chocolate, Milo, Coffee, Biscuits, Milk Breakfast

* Porridge – Oat porridge, Finger millet porridge, Maize porridge, Semolina (sooji) porridge

* Fruits – Assorted fruit plate, Fruit platter, Selection of Fruits

* Toasted Bread, French toast

* Eggs – Onion omelet, Plain omelet, Spanish omelet, Scottish eggs (over easy)
* Grilled bacon, Grilled sausages * Cheddar cheese
* Tanzania tea, Drinking chocolate, Coffee, Decaffeinate, Milk (Nido)
* Pan cakes * Sautéd potatoes
* Stir fried mushroom Lunch Box
* Juice box * Biscuits * Cut fruits * Chocolate * Portions of cheese * Queen cakes * Bread sandwich * Sweetness(pipi)

Food on kilimanjaro climb

Kilimanjaro Food Menu For Mount Kilimanjaro Dinner

* Cream of cucumber and potatoes
* Cream of celery soup
* Leeks soup
* Green pepper and pork soup
* Cream of zucchini and potatoes
* Cream of ginger soup
* Cream of garlic soup
* Vegetable soup
* Cream of cucumber and potatoes
Main Course
* Grilled beef served with Gravy garnished with grilled tomatoes
* Beef stroganoff
* Fried chicken
* Spiced meatballs with a creamy pomodoro sauce
* Mincemeat with bolognese sauce
* Chicken chasseur
* Grilled Beef fillet served with a mint sauce
* Chicken fricassee, with a coulis and tomato sauce
* Vegetable rice
* Macaroni with cheese
* Spaghetti pomodoro
* Turmeric rice
* Lyonnaise potatoes
* French fries
* Fried potatoes
* Banana fritters
* Queen cake glassed with chocolate source
* Grape suzettes and pancake
* Creamed Caramel
* Custard pudding
* Bread and buttered pudding
* Cake
* Fruit salad Fresh fruits
* Tea, Coffee, Drinking chocolate, Milo, Milk (Nido)

Kilimanjaro Food Menu For Mount Kilimanjaro lunch

* Soups:
* Cream of herbs
* Cream of mixed vegetables
* Cream of Zucchini
* Clear onion soup served with cheese crouton
* Cream of celery & carrot
* Clear chicken soup, garnished with sweet corn & basil
* Salads:
* Green lettuce, avocados, onion rings dressed with a vinaigrette
* Coleslaw, cabbage, onions, carrot
* Cabbage, onions coated with cream
* Carrot & onions dressed with lemon juice & olive oil
* Vegetables and Toasted cheese
* Pan-fried rings of Irish potatoes
* Sweet potatoes
* Cucumber, tomatoes & spring onion with herbal olive oil
* Cucumber, tomatoes & onions cream with mayonnaise
 Main Course:
* Fried chicken
* Fish finger- served with tartar sauce
* Pan Fried – Chicken saved with Moroccan spaghetti
* Fish goujons garnished with lemon slice served with French fries
* Grilled chicken
* Beef pies and Veg pies
* Accompaniment:
* Biscuits, Pringles, Potatoes crisp
* Hard boiled eggs and tomato ketchup
* Sweet breads
* Pancakes
* Dessert
* Chocolate
* Fruit slices, Fruit platter, Fruit Salad
* Veg fuss ills
* Tea, Coffee, Drinking chocolate, Milo, Milk (Nido)

Food on kilimanjaro climb

Kilimanjaro Food Menu For Mount Kilimanjaro Vegetarian Meals

* Vegetable soup and bread
* Pumpkin soup
* Cucumber soup
* Leek soup
* Vegetable Salad
* Sweet potatoes soup
* Carrot soup

* Mushrooms with Vegetables
* Fried potatoes with vegetable sauce

Main Course:
* Grilled Sandwich
* Pasta
* Rice
* Porridge
* Boiled Potatoes
* Mashed potatoes
* Beans
* Vegetable Samosa
* Chapati
* Chinese rice
* Spaghetti
* Accompaniment:
* Chips
* Fruits
* Black Tea
* Fruits
* Bread (Normal and Toasted)