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  7 Day Kilimanjaro Climb - Machame Route itinerary

Tour Starts & Ends

Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO)

No. Persons Limit

Minimum 2 passengers to operate. Maximum 7 passengers in each group.

Departure Dates

On request (the tour starts at any time if the participants are ready)

Cost of Addtional Services

Extra cost such as tips, oxygen tanks, foods in hotels  $ $ $

  7 Day Kilimanjaro Climb

  7 Day Kilimanjaro Climb – Machame Route itinerary is known as the “Whiskey Route” in comparison to Marangu’s “Coca Cola Route”. This is because Machame is a more difficult route, and does not have sleeping huts for accomodation. Machame is the second most popular route on the mountain.

The trek begins in the south-west area of the mountain at Machame Gate. The route takes six days minimum to complete, although seven days is recommended. The descent is down Mweka, on the south-east side of the mountain. Because of the ascent in the west and descent down the north, Machame route offers great vistas of Kilimanjaro. Additionally, Machame visits stunning places such as Shira Plateau, Barranco, and Lava Tower.

Machame route is ideal for those who want a more difficult climb, and are confident in their ability to hike over extended periods of time on sometimes steep terrain. Climbers using Machame place a premium of varied scenery, but also accept heavy traffic.

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Machame scenic Route

Machame Route Kilimanjaro is the most scenic route to climb Kilimanjaro. It is also called the ‘Whisky route.’ The route goes through forests of violets and red-hot pokers as you climb through Machame forest paths of moss and lichens which hang on trees, into a scrubland with lobelia and daisy bushes. From there it takes you to a volcanic desert, decorated with large deposits of volcanic rock and grey dust.  

Mount Kilimanjaro has several different habitats. Glacial ice pours off the summit, stretching ice fingers down to a height of 4800m. Here you have breath taking views of Lava Tower, Arrow Glacier and the western breach.

The Machame Route is approximately 62 km/ 37 miles from gate to gate and well suited to physically fit people with some hiking experience, It is steeper than many other routes but offers good acclimatisation. It is rated as one of Kilimanjaro’s better routes and thus is recommended. 

Machame approaches Kilimanjaro from the south after a 40 minute drive from Moshi. The route leads through a lush forest before starting the climb up Shira Ridge towards Shira Plateau. Then above Shira Camp it joins Lemosho and Shira routes near Lava Tower. Then it traverses Lava Tower bypassing the old Arrow Glacier route to Barranco Camp descending in altitude under Mt Kilimanjaro’s Southern Ice Fields. Then continuing along the southern circuit the Machame route climbs up Barranco Wall then through the Karanga Valley up to Barafu Hut. 

Descent is via Mweka route 

Did you say Barranco wall? Many people shudder at the thought of it The Barranco wall is along the Machame  Route, Shira Route, Lemosho Route and Umbwe Route. Is it a “wall” – well no it is not, in the sense that a wall is pretty much vertical which Barranco is not. It consists of a rocky path that zig zags up the rock section of the mountain. Yes it is steep, let us not deny that fact, but do-able? Definitely!

Machame Climb • 7 Days • 6 Nights on the mountain

The Machame climb is a more direct route, ideal for aspiring mountaineers whose schedules permit them to spend no more than six nights on the mountain. On this route, we are able to ascend and descend the same trail on summit day, eliminating the need to sleep in the summit crater and lessening the total number of nights we must devote to acclimatization. The Machame Route passes through five distinct ecological zones and some of the most scenic areas on the mountain, including a traverse under the huge hanging glaciers of Kilimanjaro’s steep southern flank.

Machame Climb

Day 1 • Arrive Arusha

Day 2 • Arusha

Day 3 • Machame Camp • 9,000 ft

Day 4 • Above East Shira Plateau • 12,300 ft

Day 5 • Barranco Camp • 13,000 ft

Day 6 • Karanga Valley • 13,000 ft

Day 7 • Barafu Camp • 15,500 ft

Day 8 • Summit Kilimanjaro • 19,340 ft

Day 9 • Arusha • Depart or Safari


Accommodation in Arusha is in a 3-star hotel on a twin share basis. The accommodation during the hike is in tents in camps. There is no electricity in the camps inside the national park, and we recommend climbers to bring battery chargers they can plug in the car, or the driver will take you to the nearest lodge to charge batteries. Public toilets are available at the camps, but they are often quite filthy; therefore, our standard package always includes a private portable toilet. There are no showers in the camps and no Wi-Fi.



Kilimanjaro Trip Update

This program can be organized throughout the year, for the dates you choose, except for the months of April and May as it is the rainy season, starting with two people. Duration 9 Days - Private departure every day - from: USD 2.450. Type of stay: trek. Location: Kilimanjaro via the Machame route. Duration of stay: 7 days / 6 nights (+ 2 nights pre and post ascent).

If you Gilmans Point (green certificate) or Uhuru Peak (gold certificate) have passed, then you get to the entrance / exit a certificate with the message that you have reached the highest point in Africa.

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  7 Day Kilimanjaro Climb - Machame Route itinerary

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  7 Day Kilimanjaro Climb - Machame Route itinerary