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5 day kilimanjaro climb with Kilimanjaro local guides


IMPORTANT You can order an individual ascent of Kilimanjaro for groups from 1 participant on any convenient date. SPECIAL OFFER!

Join a 5 day Kilimanjaro Climb Group 

  • Group of 2 -12
  • Land Only Packages
  • Marangu Route
  • Experienced Local Head Guides
  • Excellent local Tanzanian Team
  • Top quality camping facilities
  • Good 2* pre / post climb hotels
  • Post climb celebration dinner
  • Kilimanjaro medal & t-shirt
  • Kilimanjaro Park Fees included
  • without International flights 
  • 20 departures across the year
  • Safari & Zanzibar options 
  • Full pre-Kilimanjaro trip support

    We guarantee this is the cheapest Kilimanjaro budget you can’t find on the internet 

8 Day Lemosho Route

Brief Explanation About 5 day Kilimanjaro Climb

For everyone who wants to climb Kilimanjaro as quickly and inexpensively as possible, we offer this program! Team leaders will be reliable local guides with whom we have been successfully cooperating for many years. The Marangu route was chosen as the base route – one of the two most popular on the mountain. This is a very logical, fast and scenic route to the top, and permits can be obtained right at its starting point. We will climb Kilimanjaro in just 6 days, what will help participants to save additional time and budget.

On the other hand, such a fast passage of the route requires good physical shape and experience of staying at such heights. If you feel confident in your abilities, know English well enough and want to climb Kilimanjaro as cheaply as possible – this program is definitely for you!

BASIC SERVICE. MOUNT Kilimanjaro Climb (5895 m) in 6 days. 

Our  Group Kilimanjaro Climb trips are led by one of our very experienced Tanzanian Head Guides  – who live and breath Kilimanjaro – and will have been to the summit well over 100 times.  The local team provide full support on the mountain – and is made up of 30 or so in total – with other Head Guides & assistant Guides – a Cook – Camp Crew – Luggage Porters – and the important Water Team.

The full support means that you only have to carry your small  ‘day pack’ (with items for that days’ trekking) – and the porters will carry your main bag on to the next Camp.

Meals (all hot & varied & all dietary requirements!) are in the ‘mess tents’ – which in the evening are the hub of camp life, and where the Head Guides will do a daily de-brief and set out the next days’ agenda. It’s generally early to bed – as it’s always an early start the following morning.

The walking pace on Kilimanjaro is ‘slow’ – that’s how you give your body the best chance of acclimatising (along with plenty of water – food – sleep) – and on the pre summit days the groups get into camp late afternoon – any can enjoy afternoon tea & snacks before unpacking bags and preparing for the evening with extra clothing – as temperatures drop fast after sunset (~6.30 pm).

The Kilimanjaro Climb culminates with ‘summit night’ – and this is where it toughens up – and there will be plenty of support from the crew. It’s a midnight departure – a 6 hour climb with the head torches on – and eventually sunrise as we head towards the crater rim. From there its still up to an hour or so to the famous Kilimanjaro sign at the summit – and that magical photo and celebration on the Roof of Africa



Climbing Kilimanjaro is not cheap, but we have taken care of your expenses by keeping the budget of this trip as low as possible. There are local guides on this program, and we will spend only 6 days on the mountain.


Despite the fact that we have made this program as budget-friendly as possible, you can expect excellent service: chefs, porters, and an experienced escort team!


You will pass several climatic zones, unique flora, fantastic landscapes of Kili and much, much more!


We do not cancel or reschedule groups. If the manager gave the go-ahead to buy the ticket, you can buy it with confidence. Through our fault there will be no cancellation.


Local guides, with whom we have worked for many years, will accompany you along the entire route.



The two main trekking seasons on Kilimanjaro are also the warmer/ dry seasons on the mountain, Mid December to mid-March and June to October. From January to mid March skies should be clear and temperatures warm, but cooler than from June to October. Trekkers can expect the odd rain shower in the afternoons. 

Early June, after the rainy season there may still be the chance of cloud cover, but generally conditions should be dry and clear throughout this period, becoming increasingly warmer. This is peak Kilimanjaro climb season due to holiday periods in the northern hemisphere and so trails may be busier. Inclement weather can occur at any time however, and so trekkers should be prepared with the appropriate clothing.

Our  Group Kilimanjaro Climb and are great value trips – and real Kilimanjaro adventures!


Thanks to our competitive pricing across the board, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is not that pricy an affair. The prices are inclusive of equipment, guide and porter fees.


How to take part in the Kilimanjaro ascent?

  • Choose desired dates, leave an application form and fill in the form
  • The manager contacts you, advises about the program and gives you requisites for advance payment
  • You make an advance payment – congratulations, you are booked!
  • The manager gives the okay and you buy the tickets to Moshi.
  • Get your insurance (we’ll help you, advise) and pack your gear 
  • After the meeting with the team leader you relax and get the maximum of pleasant emotions from the trip!
  • During the ascent don’t forget to make posts with the hashtag, and upon your return give us feedback and write a review, we’d appreciate it! See you in next programs!


A yellow fever vaccination is not necessary to visit Tanzania. The exception is if you are traveling from potentially dangerous countries (mostly central Africa).

There are no vaccinations against malaria, you don’t need to take medicine in advance either – it’s a big burden on the organism. Just in case, we buy medicines against malaria on the spot, but there have been no cases in our groups yet.


Citizens of the USA and EU have to get a visa to the passport on  arrival. The fee is $100 and $50.

Where to next?

Climbing Kilimanjaro opens to you many peaks. After Kilimanjaro we recommend:

After climbing Kilimanjaro, why not extend your stay and see more of Africa!  You can choose one of our multi-day safaris to Ngorongoro Crater or the Serengeti – or why not relax for a few days in the tropical archipelago of Zanzibar, with its turquoise waters and white sands!

Alternatively, if you want to stay on, but would like to organise your own  post Kilimanjaro activities

Payment procedure

Full payment for the program is made on the first day of the trip to the guide in dollars.

To reserve a place in the group you need to make a prepayment of $250. You can do it by contacting us or by using The payment Form and Conditions on the website.

Important: The cancellation prepayment must be paid back:

  • More than 40 days before the start: full prepayment is kept on your balance or refunded minus a transfer system fee
  • Two weeks to 40 days: the prepayment is refunded or retained in the balance minus the actual costs we incurred (permissions, transfers, tickets for a second guide…)
  • Less than two weeks before the start: the pre-payment is fully withheld by us and cannot be refunded

In case of quitting the route you won’t get your money back.

 Friends! It’s compulsory to take 2006 or newer dollars to Africa. Dollars from 2003 and the 90’s are not accepted!  Thank you for your understanding and new dollars to all:)