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3 Day kilimanjaro Climb - Mount Kilimanjaro Day Trip

Majestic Mount Kilimanjaro day hike is the awe-inspiring landmark of Tanzania but you don’t need to climb it to experience its full beauty and the captivating terrain that surrounds it. Kilimanjaro day hike that gives you the opportunity to scramble up the first leg of the famed Marangu Route, through rainforest twittering with birdlife and chattering, curious blue monkeys. Watch out for a colobus or two!


If you came to Tanzania without plans to climb all the way to the top of Kilimanjaro but still want to explore some of the lower areas, here’s one of our options. During this day hike inside Kilimanjaro National Park, you’ll climb from about 1860m to 2700m until the first camp on Marangu route. It‘s a medium difficult hike, mostly through the forest part of the national park, and with beautiful views along the way.

This hike takes place inside Kilimanjaro National Park and therefore you’ll have to pay the park entrance fees. If you’re looking for a cheaper excursion or if you want to combine hiking with local culture, have a look at our Materuni or Marangu day trips, that offer a rather easy and short hike with a limited altitude gain, combined with an interesting cultural experience. 

Tour Starts & Ends

Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO)

No. Persons Limit

Minimum 2 passengers to operate. Maximum 7 passengers in each group.

Departure Dates

On request (the tour starts at any time if the participants are ready)

Cost of Addtional Services

Extra cost such as tips, oxygen tanks, foods in hotels  $ $ $

3 Day kilimanjaro Climb 

If you are not quite sure whether you are ready for a full Kilimanjaro adventure, you might want to take one of our shorter Kilimanjaro trips via Marangu route. Only one or two days on the mountain will be enough to give you a full picture of what it takes to be part of a Kilimanjaro trekking expedition.  

This adventure is perfect if you travel with children who are not ready for the full hike yet, or if your holiday is too short but you still want to enjoy the trip. 

On these hikes you will reach the lower camps of Kilimanjaro, delve into pristine tropical wilderness and see breathtaking landscapes around. The trail taken by first Kilimanjaro explorers, Marangu is home to black-and-white colobuses living in the branches of tropical trees growing along the trail.

A one-day trip leads you up to Mandara Hut and back to the entry gate. A two-day option is a more immersive trip with an overnight stay at Mandara Hut, followed by a hike towards Horombo Hut Camp or Maundi Crater. Overall, it is a short, yet fascinating adventure where wildlife and local culture blend.

This Mount Kilimanjaro Day Trip  is an excellent way to see a different environment away from the game driving parks and a great way to stretch your legs after many days in a safari vehicle, it is suitable for persons alll ages young and old as long as you have average fitness levels.

The price for our Mount Kilimanjaro Day Trip is way cheaper than that for the full climbing adventures, making it possible to get a taste of Kilimanjaro at an affordable rate. All prices include park fees, English-speaking guides and crew, meals and drinks, Kilimanjaro National Park fees, group equipment and other necessary items. Personal hiking gear (outfit and sleeping bag) is not included in the package. You should either bring the gear with you, or hire it from us here on the spot.

Additinal Information

  1. Discounted Group Rates: Available on Request
  2. Departure dates: on request (the tour starts at any time if the participants are ready)
  3. PLEASE NOTE: The tour can be upgraded to a higher standard accommodation at an extra cost. It can also be cheaper if less expensive (but still good quality) accommodation is used. The final cost of the tour depends on your budget and preference.
  4. Please note:The climb / Safari / zanzibar beach can also be booked on private / individual basis departing daily


  1. Prices are per adult when sharing accommodations with another adult.
  2. * The final price for your package will vary depending on how many people are in your travel group and also the specific dates of your trip. 
  3. *We make a big effort to offer the best possible prices, which depend upon many factors like the constantly changing prices of gas and park fees, etc. 
  4. Single Supplement Applies To Any Client In A Single Room Or Tent: 



Visit Mount Kilimanjaro

On this trip, you will hike on the Marangu Route up to Mandara Hut for lunch. You will NOT reach the summit. All short treks are offered on a private basis, and you can start on any day of the year. The short treks are geared for people who like to hike but reaching the summit isn't a "must do", and allow one to experience the excitement of hiking on the highest peak on the African continent. All trekking inside of the Kilimanjaro National Park require the services of a certified Kilimanjaro guide, and the Marangu route is the only route where short treks are allowed.

A dormant volcano in northern Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro stands at 5,895 m (19,341 ft) and is the continent’s tallest mountain. Often considered one of the most accessible big-mountain climbs, some 35,000 people attempt to reach its summit, Uhuru Peak, every year. Please wear suitable mountain trekking clothes and footwear

3 Day kilimanjaro Climb - Mount Kilimanjaro Day Trip Itinerary

Trek Schedule

3 Day kilimanjaro Climb ( Groups Price of 2-6)

Climbing Seasons

Dry season

The most favorable weather conditions for a Kilimanjaro day hike are middle June - late September and late December - early March. This is when the sky is clear and the chances of rain are very slow. You will enjoy clear views of the surrounding wilderness. The trek, however, may be busy at these times of the year.

Rain season

The periods of late March - early June and late October - middle December are when the rains are more likely. It is foggy and a rain poncho is an absolute must. Trekking is more challenging during the rainy season, but at the same time, the verdure is lush green, creating inimitable wilderness experience. The number of other trekkers on the trek is considerably lower.

Do you want to make a full Kilimanjaro hike?

While Marangu day-hikes are an excellent way to see the magnificent Kilimanjaro up close, hardly will they bring you the same joy and sense of achievement as a full trip to Uhuru, the highest peak in the whole African continent (5 895 m/ 19,341 ft).

While on these day trips, you will explore the rainforest and moorland climate zones only. Meanwhile, a full trek to the summit will also treat you to the highland desert and arctic zones with their unique habitats, to say nothing of the exhilarating visual euphoria you will definitely experience in the summit zone.

Although Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing mountain in the world, hiking up to Uhuru Peak does not require any special mountaineering skills or equipment. The majority of those reaching the peak successfully are in average physical shape and have zero climbing background. More important is the choice of a climbing program that will ensure you proper gradual acclimatisation and maximize your chances for success. Our specialists are just the ones who can help you with this.