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10 Day Kilimanjaro Climb - Northern Circuit Route Itinerary

Tour Starts & Ends

Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO)

No. Persons Limit

Minimum 2 passengers to operate. Maximum 7 passengers in each group.

Departure Dates

On request (the tour starts at any time if the participants are ready)

Cost of Addtional Services

Extra cost such as tips, oxygen tanks, foods in hotels  $ $ $

10 Day Kilimanjaro Climb 


10 Day Kilimanjaro Climb – Northern Circuit Route is the newest route on Kilimanjaro. This is a unique itinerary in that it is the only route that visits the northern slopes, while traversing around nearly the entire mountain. The Northern Circuit is also the longest route on the mountain, in distance and time, making it a difficult route. However, it has the best acclimatization profile which makes it the route with the highest success rate as well.

The Northern Circuit route is a 9 day route.

The path begins west of the peak, on the same trail as the Lemosho route. Once climbers reach Lava Tower, the route heads north west to Moir Hut, circling the mountain clockwise at an altitude of approximately 13,000 feet. This path then intersects with the Rongai route variant at Third Cave, beforing summiting from School Hut. The descent is down Mweka.

The Northern Circuit route is easily one of the best routes on Kilimanjaro. It is best suited for those who enjoy backpacking for many days, and want to do something that is different. The Northern Circuit is also preferred by those who want to get away from other travellers while on their trek.

For more info on the Northern Circuit Route

If you’re looking for peace, seclusion, and a ‘7 Summit’ in privacy, then the Northern Circuit on Kilimanjaro is for you. Be one of the first to climb up this relatively new route ascending this beautiful mountain. Enjoy the Northern Circuit’s tranquility and stunning panoramic scenery. Starting from the west, this is the only route that travels north around Mt. Kilimanjaro. It traverses nearly the entire mountain before the summit push. Absolutely the most scenic path available, it has almost no traffic on its northern face. Your efforts will be rewarded with a breath-taking scene and an incredible sense of accomplishment upon reaching Uhuru Peak, the 19,341’ summit of the “Roof of Africa,” and the world’s highest free-standing mountain.




Kilimanjaro Trip Update

This program can be organized throughout the year, for the dates you choose, except for the months of April and May as it is the rainy season, starting with two people. Duration 11 Days - Private departure every day - from: USD 3.050. Type of stay: trek. Location: Kilimanjaro via the Northern circuit route. Duration of stay: 9 days / 8 nights (+ 2 nights pre and post ascent).

If you Gilmans Point (green certificate) or Uhuru Peak (gold certificate) have passed, then you get to the entrance / exit a certificate with the message that you have reached the highest point in Africa.

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10 Day Kilimanjaro Climb - Northern Circuit Route Itinerary

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10 Day Kilimanjaro Climb - Northern Circuit Route Itinerary